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Realtors, Loan Officers, and Mortage Brokers

The LEASE WITH OPTION Contract just might be a deal saver.

Make some CASH now and your FULL COMMISSION later on!

For Realtors: When a listing is coming due and the house has not sold, a Realtor has an 85%-95% chance of losing that listing. One solution may be the LEASE WITH OPTION contract. Quite simply, it is a lease with the Tenant having the option to purchase your listed home for a specified amount within a specified time period (usually 18-24 months).

Why would your seller ever agree to such a LEASE WITH OPTION CONTRACT?

The main reason is the house is simply not selling. If your Seller is in another city and living in another house, chances are he is paying two mortgages, two homeowner’s policies and two heating bills. This house is a prime candidate for the LEASE WITH OPTION contract.

When you find a Buyer for the house, it could take 60-120 days to close depending on the Buyer’s situation. With the LEASE WITH OPTION contract, the security and first month’s lease check can be delivered in a few short weeks and then monthly from then on.

There are many other reasons why a homeowner might agree to the LEASE WITH OPTION program and some are highlighted on the OWNERS AND SELLERS page.

You, as the Realtor, would have a clause in the Lease With Option Contract that would extend your listing agreement with the Seller for the duration of the Lease With Option Contract (usually two years). When the Tenant purchases the home your full commission is due you.

For Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers: When a Client can’t qualify for a mortgage, instead of saying “I can’t help you”, you could now say “Maybe I have another option that could lead to home ownership in 1-2 years”. That option is the LEASE WITH OPTION Program.

In both cases above (Realtors and Loan Officers), the commission may not be lost but merely put into your pipeline. Just call Realty Funding Corp. and we will do all the work for you. You just provide the potential Homebuyer and/or the home and you will receive a fee very quickly.


  • The Tenant pays 2-3% of the option price as an Assignment Fee to Realty Funding Corp. On a $200,000 option price, that’s $5,000 (2.5%). 10% is deducted for the company's expenses. The remaining $4,000 is divided up: 1/3 ($1,500) to the Realtor or Loan Officer/Banker that found the Tenant; 1/3 to the Realtor or Loan Officer/Banker that found the house; and the last 1/3 to Realty Funding Corp.. That is a possible $3,000 (2/3) that a Realtor or Loan Officer could earn immediately on a deal they thought was dead. All payments to anyone is kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone except the IRS via 1099 at year’s end.

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