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Advantages for Property Owners and Sellers in the Lease with Option Program

There are many reasons why a property owner and/or seller might want to get involved with our Lease With Option Program. We can only touch upon several here. But whatever your particular reason is, once you make the choice to be a part of our Program to Lease With Option, you can usually get your first monthly lease check within a few short weeks.

Some reasons why a property Ownr/Seller might want a LEASE WITH OPTION Contract:

  1. TAX REASONS: A sale NOW may increase your overall tax obligation by pushing you into a higher tax bracket.
  2. HOUSE NOT SELLING: For whatever reason, a house might not be selling at a particular time. This could cause you to pay TWO mortgages if you are already in another house. Perhaps you were transferred to another city. Thus you could be worried sick over the fate of your vacant house.
  3. IT’S WINTER! Why pay two heating bills?
  4. YOU ARE UPSIDE DOWN: You owe more than the house is worth. You would have to come to closing with CASH! By entering into a Lease With Option Contract, the value of the house goes UP over the term of the contract while your Tenant is paying DOWN the mortgage. This difference, the Equity, could increase to the point where you are no longer UPSIDE DOWN on your house at the time you actually sell your house.
  5. KIDS IN COLLEGE: Selling your house could destroy your College Aid plans by artificially increasing your income. This could be a real financial hit to middle income earners.
  6. YOU’RE A FLIPPER: You buy and sell houses after fixing them up. The Lease With Option Contract could solve any “Seasoning” issues, should they exist.
  7. IN AN ESTATE: The house may be in a family estate. Some estates could take a few years to be settled. Why leave the house vacant and in disrepair? A vacant house for 12-24 months could cost the estate up to $30,000 in lost rental income to say nothing of repairs, maintenance and/or other problems caused by a lengthy vacancy.
  8. EXPENSE FREE: The Tenant pays for ALL upkeep, maintenance and repairs. There are NO FEES or COMMISSIONS to anyone at anytime for anything associated with the Lease With Option Contract.
  9. A HEDGE: Your contract with its built-in Option Purchase Price may be a hedge against any housing downturn.
  10. PROFIT: Leasing may give you a higher rate of return than other, more traditional, investments such as CDs and money markets. Also, the Tax Code may allow you up to $25,000 in real estate losses if you actively manage your own properties. PLEASE check with your Tax Advisor. Please see the INVESTORS Section.
  11. IMMEDIATE MONEY: If you were to sell your house, you might have to wait for a closing for up to 90 days. With the LEASE WITH OPTION Program, the first lease payment and security deposit should arrive in less than two weeks.

Please call us as we are always actively seeking properties for our LEASE WITH OPTION Program.


Realty Funding Corp. is neither a Realtor nor Mortgage Broker/Bank. It finds and leases houses and then assigns said leases to potential LEASE WITH OPTION Tenants for a fee. Realty Funding Corp. is a principal in every transaction, and as such, needs no licenses and/or permits of any kind. Realty Funding Corp. charges no fees or commissions to any home owner, home seller or any other business entity involved in selling a home.

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