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Florida or Other Vacation Properties

There is nothing like the ability and freedom to just hop on a plane with no luggage and arrive a few hours later at your Florida or Las Vegas vacation home.  The same is true when you return home.  Just think of the luxury of not having to pack as you will have your vacation clothes already in your second home.  This will save hours of packing each way and make your trip more enjoyable and productive.

Many people would love to have such a second or vacation home in a beautiful location like Florida or Las Vegas but are reluctant to purchase because of the economic uncertainty in the real estate market in these and other vacation areas.

Home prices are way down currently in many vacation locations especially in Florida, Las Vegas, Arizona, and California.  Waterfront properties have never been lower.  Properties are now most affordable due to poor real estate market condition in those depressed areas.  

The Lease With Option Program is a great tool for tying up a beautiful vacation property at a price that is most affordable.  Lease the property for a fraction of its previous market rent and also have the option to purchase within 24-36 months at a price you want to pay.  Sit back and enjoy your very own vacation property.  Use it for yourself, allow family and friends to use the property or rent it out when you are not using it.

It may be very possible to rent your vacation property during the high season periods while enjoying the property yourself during off or shoulder seasons with the fantastic result of a NET lease cost to you of absolutely NOTHING.  Yes, the annual rental income could conceivably cover all your annual leasing expenses (tax consequences should be considered here).

Now comes the best part!  When your Lease With Option contract is coming due, you will have three choices concerning your home.  You and only you will make your choice.

  1. You could walk away from your vacation property, should you choose, with no further obligations due.  You might do this if the property did not increase in value or actually decreased.  You might have found an even nicer property at an even lower lease cost.
  2. You could buy the property at the agreed upon price in your contract.
  3. You could tell the Owner/Seller that you wish to enter into a new agreement.  You could ask to simply extend the current contract for another year or two because you liked the property so much but were not yet prepared to purchase it.  Or you could ask to renegotiate with different lease terms and/or a different purchase price based on the current market.  But it is all up to you as to what you want.

The concept is a great one and one that does not tie you down to a house that may drop in value.  But as long as you have a beautiful vacation property that you love at a price that you think is very economical, the value of the property may not be a concern.

Contact us and we can find you a beautiful vacation property that you might want in an area that you will love.  YOU must approve of the house, or condo, and the Lease With Option contract.  You are in control and no one else.

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